Production of Plastic Packaging


Plastic packaging is a necessity in most households. We need high-quality food-grade packaging to store our food and protect it during transportation before it reaches the kitchen. At FL Plast, we have many years of experience with production of plastic packaging of premium food-grade quality. In addition, our staff has extensive expertise to offer throughout the entire process – from developing ideas to the finished product. Therefore, we gladly provide advice already from the initial idea phase.

Different types of
Plastic packaging

There are countless types of plastic packaging on the market, from caps and plastic bottles to cans, tubs, and cups. We can help you with precisely the kind of plastic packaging you require. In addition, our manufacturing is flexible and adaptable. Therefore, we can handle small- and large-scale projects according to your needs.

Concerning plastic packaging there are stringent requirements from the food industry regarding plastic packaging for food. Of course, these must be adhered to punctiliously, including certifications, traceability, et cetera. Therefore, we are at all times responsible for having and being able to present the necessary documentation for all our food-grade products.

Plastic packaging is a
much-maligned material

Plastic has been on everyone’s lips in recent years—some urge to avoid all plastic packaging altogether, while others are exploring recyclability. However, plastic packaging is much more than consumers try to avoid in their households. For example, a hospital blood bag is made of PVC plastic, allowing for an extended expiration date compared to how long it would last without this type of packaging. In short, we cannot do without plastic packaging – but we can work on making our plastic products more environmentally friendly and recyclable. However, this is a long process that is already underway.

FL Plast is abreast
with food documentation

At FL Plast, we have over 50 years of experience developing and manufacturing plastic products for food. FL Plast is certified according to FSSC 22000, an approved food safety standard based on ISO 22000 recognized by the Food Initiative Global Safety (GFSI). Thus, you can confidently put your project in the hands of our experienced consultants. It is paramount to FL Plast that you feel confident using us as advisors and manufacturers. Our professional pride ensures that we find the most optimal solution with the best result for your specific needs. We manufacture food-grade plastic packaging that is lightweight, durable, and free from problematic chemicals and other additives of concern.