Plastic lid

Plastic lids – easy and
practical closure

Plastic lids are an easy and practical closure for many things, such as jam, juice, or jars in the fridge. At FL Plast, we have over 50 years of experience manufacturing food-grade plastic lids for every situation. Our work is always precise, professional, and flexible, particularly tailored to your needs. We are with you all the way from idea to finished product and are happy to provide advice from the idea phase. Therefore, you can either consult us throughout the entire development process; or provide us with a finished product that only needs to be manufactured.

Injection molded plastic packaging

FL Plast has over 50 years of experience in injection molding plastic packagings such as caps and lids. The company was founded in 1973 and has since expanded its manufacturing facility and built new storage facilities. However, the mission has always been to offer high-quality food-grade plastic packaging with high delivery rates and unrivaled service at competitive prices. Our portfolio includes more than 45 products, specializing in plastic lids and caps.

How we manufacture plastic lids

There are a number of different processes that can be used to produce plastic products such as lids and caps. At FL Plast, we use injection molding technology, which is the most commonly used method today. This manufacturing method can be used for producing everything from hearing aid components to LEGO bricks and larger product items.

When plastic lids are made via injection molding, it is done using a precise mold for the specific lid. The material to be used for the lid is fed to the machine in powder or granular form. In the machine, it is heated and softened before being injected into the closed mold. Here the mass solidifies and fills the mold, achieving the desired shape for the product.

The process requires sophisticated tools and experience but is also cost-effective and efficient. Smaller elements can be mass-produced into completely identical products in seconds.

FL Plast specializes in plasttic lids and caps

At FL Plast, we manufacture high-quality plastic packaging in collaboration with our customers. Our experienced team of employees has extensive knowledge and in-depth experience with all the processes from idea to finished product within all types of plastic packaging. FL Plast is certified according to FSSC 22000. This is an approved food safety standard based on ISO 22000 recognized by the Food Initiative Global Safety (GFSI). Our standard range includes more than 45 different products, but we are also always ready to take on new tasks that we do not already have in our portfolio. We are always open to new opportunities and to looking at projects in a new way.