Plastic manufacturing

Plastic manufacturing with FL PLAST

FL Plast solves all plastic manufacturing challenges from idea to finished product. Our experienced employees ensure that you achieve the plastic products you need. In addition, we can participate from the sideline throughout the production journey, from conceptualizing, analysis, and testing, to manufacturing the finished products. We collaborate with companies that need plastic packaging and other manufacturers that need more capacity. However, we do not solely work with plastic – we gladly offer consultancy on products and manufacturing, concerning material options, manufacturing methods, and quality assurance. Therefore, we welcome our customers to consult with us from the early stages.

Plastic manufacturing is not just manufacturing plastic

There are countless different types of plastic materials on the market, and the manufacturing hereof is thus extensive and complex. Plastic is not just one product but an appellation for a multitude of products, each having benefits and disadvantages. Hence, there are considerable distinctions regarding what the different products can and should be used for. At FL Plast, we primarily work with closures and lids of food-grade approved quality. Furthermore, we are certified with the FSSC 22000 certificate, an approved food safety standard based on ISO 22000, recognized by the Food Initiative Global Safety (GFSI). Consequently, we can guarantee that our production meets the strict requirements of the food industry for food-grade approved plastic packaging.

Injection molding in our plastic manufacturing

Our manufacturing of plastic is done using the injection molding method. This method makes the manufacturing process effective, agile, and thus adaptable to each project. Additionally, this also means that it takes very little time to produce a high number of identical products once the manufacturing has begun. Using a very precise and detailed mold thus makes it possible to create anything from tiny components to large plastic items. The molding itself is done by heating up plastic materials and injecting them into the mold’s cavity. As the plastic cools down, it adapts to the shape and details of the mold, resulting in a precise replica of the chosen form.

Advice and recommendations

At FL Plast, we have developed our skills and expertise in plastic molding of a variety of different items over more than 50 years. We offer plastic molding in quality materials at favorable prices to the whole country. In addition to the manufacturing of plastic products, we also provide advice and sparring on projects. At FL Plast, we have the experience, skills, and equipment to handle your project. You are, therefore always welcome to contact us if you have a project you would like our advice or recommendations for.