Plastic molding

Professional plastic molding with FL PLAST

At FL Plast we’ve specialized in advanced plastic molding of an extensive range of products, such as plastic lids and closures. We utilize the latest technology, quality materials, and up-to-date know-how for handling projects just like the one you have in mind. Thus, we offer plastic molding using only quality materials at very competitive prices. If you need sparring, we’re always keen on offering our guidance and expertise on your product or project. Starting the dialogue and getting the right advice in the early stages of a project enhances all chances of a successful result in terms of both materials and design. Together with you, we desire to create the best plastic result.

What is plastic molding?

As the name suggests, plastic molding is a method of manufacturing plastic products using molds. It is a fast process for manufacturing a large number of identical products, such as plastic lids. Many plastic materials are compatible with this method, and it can be used to manufacture an extensive range of items. Plastic molding can thus be used for making anything from tiny components for hearing aids to large car parts. It is a very efficient and meticulous process that, despite its simple functionality, must be conducted with knowledge and experience to achieve the best result. All projects usually start with a 3D illustration of the project, whereafter, a mold is made. The quality of this mold is the determining factor of the quality of the rest of the process. The casting is done by melting the selected material and injecting it into the hollow of the mold. During cooling, the casting material adapts to the details of the mold, resulting in an accurate reproduction of the chosen shape.

What are the benefits of plastic molding?

There are many advantages of plastic molding compared to other molding methods. For example, in many cases, plastic can replace metal parts, which are cheaper and easier to manufacture. It’s also used as a quick and efficient way to replace old parts with new ones. In addition, plastic molding can be done with an extremely high level of detail, while mass production of identical parts stays fast and efficient. Due to the efficiency of the process, the price of plastic molding is often very competitive for both small and large productions.

More than 50 years of experience in plastic molding

At FL Plast, we have developed our skills and expertise in the plastic molding of various items over more than 50 years. We work with professional injection molding and currently have more than 45 unique products in our portfolio. However, we are always interested in taking on a new challenge if you have a project that does not exist in our current product line.